Natural Supplements… Calcium for strong bone health!

We brought another calcium supplement into the market. However, this one stands out from the competition because it supports your heart while strengthening your bones!calcium

Known as MX Calcium Complex, this supplement works on a premise that is forgotten by other manufacturers of calcium. With them, the main focus is on the calcium itself. As a result, you end up getting a bottle with just one ingredient.

However, Calcium Complex tries to also alleviate heart problems because sometimes calcium can make the circulatory worse. If it is not kept under control, calcium can seep into the walls of the heart, causing very serious problems. MX Calcium Complex uses magnesium to stop this process from ever occurring.

Other ingredients are used to promote overall health of the heart. Taurine, an amino acid, strengthens the heart’s muscle mass. Zinc gluconate repairs any damaged tissues in the heart. Finally, there is Phytomenadione which is known as Vitamin K in layman’s terms. It acts as a coagulant.

This makes it more useful in situations where a person has had recent heart surgery. The Vitamin K can help the heart heal faster, without clotting in the wrong areas. If there is a problem with that, then the magnesium would take over.

Everything else in MX Calcium Complex either provides calcium, or increases one’s ability to process it. Consider Cholecalciferol, a type of vitamin D. It aids in bone growth. Meanwhile collagen helps make the bone stronger, while manganese helps the bone to form in the first place.

When all these different ingredients are put together, the calcium that does get consumed becomes much more effective. In other supplements where calcium is the sole focus, nothing else is added to aide in bone health. Ultimately, if the calcium doesn’t do the job, a person is simply out of luck.

With that being said, you might be wondering who the best candidates are for MX Calcium Complex. Well, first in line are the elderly, especially those who are suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis. While MX Calcium Complex cannot cure their condition, it will make it more manageable.

After being on the regime for just a few days, the bones will become so strong that the chances of experiencing a break become extremely low. For arthritis sufferers, MX Calcium Complex will help restore some of the cartilage that has worn away, which helps to limit a person’s pain.

Younger people can also take MX Calcium Complex. People of any age who are lactose intolerant will appreciate being able to get calcium without experiencing diarrhoea. However, even those who can tolerate milk should still consider MX Calcium Complex.

A high dairy consumption cannot guarantee protection from bone disease. This is not the case with MX Calcium Complex. It can provide more protection because it has the right mix of ingredients.

Are you looking for an awesome workout program to help you lose weight, build muscle and look fit and healthy?

 If so, then I have found an awesome workout system that I highly suggest you check out. It’s called the Adonis Golden Ratio and it’s perhaps the most fun, revolutionary, and cutting edge program that you will be able to find anywhere.

What I like so much about Adonis Golden Ratio is just how smartly it has been put together. There was a great amount of thought, time and effort that went into this training. Not only is it of the highest quality but it’s also very fun to got through.

Who would have thought, a workout program actually being fun?

Well this one actually is. You will thoroughly enjoy doing these workouts. Don’t get me wrong. The workouts are indeed challenging but they have been created to be entertaining and not totally boring.

This is an important thing because it means you will be able to enjoy the workouts and this translates over to you sticking with the workout system over the long term so you can continue to experience results. Also, if you’re a woman, you might want to check out instead of golden ration adonis.

There is nothing worse than bouncing between extremes. So it’s vital that you are able to stick to the program of your choosing both in the short term as well as the long term for best results. Using Adonis Golden Ratio you will thoroughly enjoy being able to workout each week, every month, and yearly as well. So check this out if you want an amazing workout program.

3 Tips To Help Transport You Into Higher States Of Cognitive Performance

So you want to boost your mental performance so you can produce at a higher rate, become smarter, and embrace learning in a highly focused state? Well if you want these things then make sure you pay attention to every word in this article as I will be giving you some solid methods for becoming an absolute productivity dynamo

Tip One – Drink Coffee

You may not think of coffee as a performance booster but it has been proven to be just that. Coffee does indeed give a boost to cognitive performance. You just need to experiment with how much is enough to offer you the focused state you’re looking for. Ideally, you should not be drinking too much caffeine before bed. I recommend stopping at least 5 hours before bed.

Tip Two – Try CILTEP

Have you heard about nootropics before? These are “smart pills” that are able to boost mental performance and cognitive abilities. By far the most powerful and the one that has no side effects is the CILTEP formula. If you want a boost, then I urge you to give this a try. It works fast and has allowed me to achieve amazing results fast.

Tip Three – Exercise

Okay couch potato, turn off the television. If you are serious about boosting mental performance then exercise is one of the best ways to help you do just that. Doing some weight training or cardio is a great way to boost the oxygen levels in your brain and to make you smarter.

Common Retinol Side Effects Examined

Retinol is a popular cure-all for skin problems. The first topical retinoid was approved as an acne treatment in the early 1970s, and since then many other products have been released, including gels, creams and liquids that can be used to treat acne and dry skin, and slow the effects of aging.

While most people can use retinol safely, there are some retinol side effects to look out for. Common side effects include redness of the skin, prickly feelings and sensitivity, swelling and itchiness. Some people find that they tend to develop temporary hot flashes after using retinol, or that their skin becomes flakey and dry.

Unlike typical eczema related dryness, using moisturizer does not stop the dryness if it is a side effect of using retinol. Irritation around the eyes is also quite commonplace among people who are sensitive to retinol.

Best retinol cream at

The best way to avoid side effects is to start your retinol usage slowly. Use a small amount and do not leave it on your skin too long. Protect the sensitive skin around your eyes by using Vaseline, so that the skin is not exposed to retinol.

If you know that you are already sensitive to sunlight, wait until the autumn to start using retinol, so that your skin adapts to the product while the weather is mild and you are at less risk of sunburn.  When your skin starts to feel mildly irritated, stop using retinol and start applying hypoallergenic moisturizing creams while you give your skin time to repair itself.

Many people experience no retinol side effects, so do not dismiss retinol without trying it for yourself. If you do experience any retinol side effects, stop using the product that contains retinol immediately and speak to your doctor or dermatologist for advice.


Why Does Arthritis Hurt More in The Morning?

Morning stiffness is one of the most common symptoms of arthritis. It is commonly associated with rheumatoid arthritis, but it also occurs in cases oflupus, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.  The main difference in symptoms between this conditions is how long it takes for the pain in your joints to subside after you wake up.

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or lupus often find that their joints hurt for an hour or so after they wake up, while people with osteoarthritis experience much quicker recovery. Fibromyalgia sufferers may have to wait several hours for the pain to go away, if it goes away at all.

Unfortunately, doctors do not fully understand how arthritis works and why joints hurt more in the morning. There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis, and each differs in the cause and nature of the symptoms. What is known, however, is that rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are caused by the snyovium (the tissue that is responsible for lubricating your joints) becomes inflamed. This inflammation can lead to the joints becoming deformed if it is not managed properly. It is possible that while you are asleep the inflammation becomes more severe, and simply getting up and moving around, boosting your circulation, is enough to reduce the inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis can be a debilitating condition, but it is manageable through a combination of medication, natural treatments and lifestyle changes. By losing weight and engaging in gentle, low-impact exercise you can lessen the symptoms that you experience. You cannot completely reverse arthritis, but many people find that moderate intensity resistance training and low-impact cardio such as swimming does a lot to reduce the pain that they feel on a day-to-day basis.

If your pain is severe then anti-inflammatories and injections may be beneficial. Some people find that taking a regular course of anti-inflammatory pain killers can help to reduce morning aches and pains. However, there are side effects to the long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs so you should not do this without consulting your doctor first. Some people find that sleeping with a hot water bottle keeps their circulation good and reduces pain.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, lupus, or similar conditions, your doctor will be able to advise you on the best way to manage your pain and could put you in touch with a support group. There is no need to suffer from chronic pain alone, and you may be able to find ways to make your condition more liveable.

Morinda Review ? What Is It All About?

Ever heard of Tahitian Noni International? Well that company is now called Morinda and it is now a global phenomenon thanks to the noni fruit. The noni fruit, which became extremely popular in the last several years, it is a medicinal plant that has been used in other parts of the world for decades.

In 1996 Morinda was created with one mission in mind and that was to help people all over the world live longer, healthier lives. And since its inception it has done just that. Literally millions of people from all walks of life have now used Tahitian noni juice to help revive their health.

Currently the Morinda company has about 3,000 employees and that number continues to grow as the company expands its reach. To day the company has paid out well over $3 billion in commissions to its independent consultants. That’s a lot of money!

The one thing that makes Morinda such a great company to work with are the product they have to offer. They produce some of the best natural health product on the planet. Not a lot of companies can say that.

Did you know every 2 seconds someone in the world is buying a bottle of Tahitian Noni juice? That alone should tell you how popular this product is. People just love it and can’t seem to get enough of it.

The Products

Morinda has a variety of different really great products. One of the newest ones is the Tahitian Noni Juice Max. This juice contains a high level of IRIDOIDS. The great thing about Noni juice is that it works as an adaptogen. It works with your body to balance the cycles. Morinda is the only company in the entire world that has the ability to product a variety of different juices with distinct amounts of IRIODOIDS.

They also have a line of products known as TruAge. The TruAge products are designed to protect you against AGE’s forming. One of the most popular products in this line is the TruAge scanner. This scanner is like no other scanner you have ever seen before. It is a certified research device that can provide fast, accurate and pain free AGE readings. In less than 15 seconds this scanner will let you know your AGE levels.

The Morinda Compensation Plan

For those of you looking for a money making opportunity Morinda is the way to go. They use a Unilevel compensation plan that allows you to make money in 5 different ways. There are three classifications of income with this company. Immediate income, growth income and wealth building income. The option you choose is totally up to you and the amount of money you want to make.

When I say unilevel compensation I mean you can get paid commissions up to eight compressed levels deep. There is no width restriction which again means you can earn as much money as you want. As long as you are willing to put in the work you can make money. How much? Well that all depends on you.

Healthy Herbs For High Blood Pressure Problems

More people than ever before are looking to all-natural supplements to help them combat illness and keep them healthy.

High blood pressure is sometimes called ‘the silent killer’. Below we will look at why, and some of the effective herbs for high blood pressure problems to see how they can help maintain your blood pressure at good levels.

The silent killer

While the medical term for high blood pressure is hypertension. It is also known as ‘the silent killer’. The reason for this is that initially you do not have any obvious symptoms.

A wise thing to do is to make sure you regularly have your blood pressure checked.

If it is found that your readings are high you can then nip any problems in the bud and take steps to get it back to acceptable levels.

Let us look at just four herbs that have been used for centuries when it comes to controlling and preventing cardiovascular and high blood pressure problems.

Garlic Seed Extract

While everyone will know of garlic it may not be so well known that a fully grown garlic bulb can grow up to one metre high and contain up to 20 cloves.

Garlic originated in central Asia and now grows in many places including the beautiful countryside of Southern France and Italy. The extract which comes from fully mature garlic plants is very rich in the nutrient allicin.

Premium Hawthorn Berry Extract

This shrub blooms in the month of May and sprouts small red berries. The whole plant contains nutrients such as procyanidins and flavonoids.

It is a member of the rose family and you will find many different species which are native to North America.

Another of the herbs for high blood pressure prevention is:

Daikon Seed Extract

This extract is a root which belongs to the radish family. The Chinese have used it for centuries to heal a variety of illnesses. It can grow up to 20 inches long and as much as four inches in diameter.

When it comes to cardiovascular health it is felt that this extract complements other ingredients in a good quality all-natural supplement that will help to control your blood pressure.

Pure Chinese Holly Leaf Extract

This is yet another ingredient that has been used for centuries in natural healing. It is a tall perennial shrub which blooms in early spring.

This herb continues to produce its fruit until the fall. While its strong green leaves remain all-year round.

These are just four of the many herbs which have been used for centuries to treat high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

You can find these in good quality all-natural supplements and regular use of them will do you the world of good.

Final thought

If you wish to avoid high blood pressure problems you really do need to address your current diet and exercise regime.

By eating a sensible and well-balanced diet and taking some regular exercise you will be doing yourself the power of good.

Add into the mix a supplement that contains herbs for high blood pressure and you are on theright route to healthy living!


A Notepad And A Pen – Your Weapons Against Insomnia

One powerful way to help your mind relax before bed is to buy a notebook and keep it next to your bed with a pen. Then just before you go to sleep at night record down all the things that are on your mind. Whatever matters are going through your head, thoughts about the next day, all feelings about the past, write everything down.

What you want to do is basically do a brain dump. So all the things that are in your mind just put them on paper and get them out of your head. This can almost seem like a mini therapy session right before bed. What you don’t want to do is try to go to sleep when you have all this stuff polluting your mind, because it will affect the quality of your sleep.

The night I started doing this, was the night that I started sleeping peacefully again after many years of dealing with insomnia and nasty sleeping issues. Who would’ve thought that this super simple technique could eradicate insomnia? Let me tell you, I thought this approach would never work. Now it is something that I do religiously right before bed and it’s something that has literally been my saviour.

If you want to turbo charge this technique, you could even include a natural herbal sleep supplement such as the one that can be found at the following link

So as soon as you can, go down to your newsagent, and purchase a special notepad or notebook and at night begin writing everything that is on your mind. Get it all out of your head. And make a note about how you feel the next morning. Did you fall asleep faster? Did you wake up feeling better? If you experienced anything positive, then I highly suggest that you take up this habit before bed. It really is super simple and can be life changing.

Customizing Your Workouts Will Yield The Best Overall Results

There are now countless workout programs on the Internet. Just do a simple search for “workouts” or “gym workouts” and the results pages will be flooded with information. So how the heck do you find the best workout from all the thousands that exist? After all, they cannot all be good right?


Well this is why so many men get confused. While it’s good to have options, too many options can sometimes be just as bad as having less options. So how do you best go about deciding what workout to choose?


This is where having a coach or a personal trainer can be a real advantage to you. But this can be expensive and if you workout at home, then it may also not be practical. For most men, I recommend that they find a way to customise their workouts so that they get the best results without needing to spend a lot of money.


This can be difficult unless you have the necessary know how, which many men, might I add, simply do not have. This is why I always point my clients, friends, and really any guys in need to watch the following video: This video helps guys learn about a clever way of customizing their workouts and nutrition plan so that they squeeze the most amount of results from the time they have available.


This is important because time is valuable and none of us have enough of it. So picking a smart customizable approach that anybody can do is vital  to your success.

Welcome To The Learning Enhanced World Caused By CILTEP

When it comes to learning, studying and then actually remembering what I have just learned, I can honestly say I am not the best in these areas. As somebody who is attending college, I need the edge, in fact I demand it.


I want to be the best I can at the subjects I’m learning. I want to get top grades and I want to be able to effortlessly take in information into my long term memory bank. Is this too much to ask? Maybe. But it’s what I want.


With my goals, vision and strong desire, I set out to find how I could boost my mental faculties. And do so in the quickest way possible. This is what led me to learn about CILTEP: And I haven’t looked back since.


What CILTEP does is simple, well actually it’s quite complex, but its effect is simple. What it does is, within an hour after popping it, my memory is increased, I desire to learn, I’m focused and my concentration levels are like a laser. I feel great as well.


And all these amazing effects are from simply popping a pill! When I first took CILTEP, I was absolutely amazed at how effective it was. Now I take it five days per week and take a rest on weekends. It’s a very safe and natural formula that many of my fellow students and friends are now taking.


I won’t say it’s a miracle substance but what it does do is probably as close to a miracle that I will ever experience.


Find Your Source Of Motivation To Build The Ultimate Body

Looking slim and trim is not only something that will boost your self esteem and level of confidence but it also has many positive health effects. It doesn’t matter what aspects of weight loss you focus on to help you get motivated to lose weight. What is important is that you focus on some aspect that will help motivate you and kick you into action. If you don’t have some source of motivation or inspiration behind losing weight, then you will find it very difficult indeed.

It’s like when I started the HCG 1234 diet program ( I found it almost impossible to follow because I didn’t tap into my source of motivation. It was only until I found my source that I was able to successfully follow the program and lose the weight I wanted to lose. Without tapping into that source of motivation and inspiration, I would have been screwed.

So what did I tap into to fuel my motivation? Good question! I focused on my health and how great I would feel after months of working out. I also focused on living a long and healthy life due to fact that I was slim and trim. So I though of the future and the pleasure I would be experiencing from being slim then I linked (or though about) it to my present actions involving diet and exercise.

So try this yourself and see how you go. I would recommend you don’t do anything without trying this exercise right now. It’s very simple but very powerful.